Most of my customers just need a little help to get them out of a jam.

Documentation is so good these days there is a lot of it on the web. In fact Google is the best documentation system indexer ever developed. I encourage my students to use it as efficiently as possible. Sometimes that isn't enough. You need some experience to get the job done and get you back in control quickly.

I have designed wired and wireless networks. I specialize in both Cisco & Mikrotik routers but have no preference. Overall the Mikrotik is easier to work with for small operations and Cisco for medium operations.

I am a certified routing engineer with Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti and Telrad. These days remote administration is the primary way that we accomplish the configuration but on-site work can also be arranged, especially locally in East Texas. Contact me and tell me more about your project, I'll be glad to help.


Cico Certified Entry Network Technician

Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer

Ubiquiti Wireless Administrator

Telrad Support Specialist