Industrial and First Responder Location Management

Location Timeclock built for success and safety.


Keeping track of every member of your team is a challenge. TimeLink is a time clock management solution that incorporates geospatial and geofencing informatics to give every knowledge and administrative center the power they need to make the right decisions.


From navigation reporting and geofencing, to timeclock applications for multiple jurisdictions and rule sets TimeLink is not just a TimeCock solution for home base but we have large remote, safety-conscious work teams in mind as well.


In a situation where your team is the first on a scene, placement tracking and administrative tasks such as time records management is the last thing you have time to worry about. It's saving lives that concern you. TimeLink provides real-time streaming data access from every endpoint. Keep the lives of your people and others at the forefront of your mission. Then information can be processed later based on your evolving needs.


Originally developed for automated timekeeping, the application vision quickly changed to incorporate georeferencing and geofencing. The team realized that many safety related applications and complex staffing applications would benefit from enhanced records management. TimeLink is the solution to large administrative timekeeping problems.

Manage Entry and Exit Points With Ease

The TimeLink client app becomes your public key for any secured portal which means that remote physical locks no longer become a burden and that rekeying can be accomplished immediately. Personal access can be tracked and controlled with PIN or biometric access.

Check out the GitHub Repo for Project Psuedocode

The frontend data management subsystem of the application was modeled in psuedocode. Ana analysis was presented of which information the app would begin to process, store, and transmit.

KC-Clockhacks/Frontend-psd at 3e22ce2a7b3405bac05dfea4f802b3090335893d ยท dld2517/KC-Clockhacks
TimeLink. Contribute to dld2517/KC-Clockhacks development by creating an account on GitHub.

TimeLink is not a real application system, but it is real in the hearts and minds of the Kilgore College CIT Hackathon Team. This marks the KC Hackathon Team's 2022 ClockHacks North America Hackathon submission. ClockHacks is the first hackathon for all of the participants.

2022 KC Hackathon Team

DevPost Submission for ClockHacks 2022

TimeLink: Timekeeping Information and Geofencing Application
TimeLink is a time clock solution that uses geospatial information to give knowledge and administrative center the right information for real-time and recordkeeping.

Team members include:
Danielle Pierce
William Atkinson
Redger Daniels
Alec Childers
Jorge Cisneros
Leanid Musaik
Haider Pervez

Academic Advisors:
Danny Darden
Andy Taylor