The screen is one way that KittenBot can communicate with the user but what if it could send signals to space? Or through space.... we will practice.

Enter both sections of code. When you are ready to carry out the plan, move the execute flag to the correct code block.

Transmission Code Block
Receive code block

In order for this process to work best, you need to have a friend. Find a partner and make an agreement on who will be the transmitter and who will be the receiver.

Notice the block that says "If X Then" this reads as "If X is true then..." X is only true if it receives some information. Otherwise it has a zero in it or None.

Let's see if we can modify our code to send some text. How would we do that?

Now let's modify our code in Python to ask for some input from the user.

We will generate the Transmission Code in Python and add the lines:

s=input("What would you like to send: ")

Test your code by running it, entering the command and check to see if your partner received the words you sent. Partner may need to hold down the button in order to stay in Receive mode.

Have fun modifying this project!